DAS Williams Launches Resource Center in Mopti

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Bisa Williams participated in the inauguration of l’Association pour la Promotion de La Femme et de L’Enfant Au Mail’s (APROFEM) new resource center in Mopti on April 20,2015.  APROFEM is a recipient of a nearly 122 million CFA grant from the U.S. Department of State’s Africa, Women, Peace and Security Program.  Ambassador Williams applauded APROFEM’s efforts to increase women’s participation in peace-building in Mali and highlighted their programs that will provide entrepreneurship and vocational training for women interested in starting their own businesses.  The United States remains committed to promoting development and investment across Mali as a way to ensure that peace is sustainable for all Malians. Through this grant, APROFEM is taking an important step forward towards a peaceful and prosperous Mali.