American Center

The American Center Bamako provides information about America through a multitude of resources:  electronic databases, websites, films, books and periodicals. We focus on information that engages audiences on topics such as democracy, the development of civil society, American art & culture, women’s issues, human rights, entrepreneurship…. If it’s about America, we have it or can find it.

The American Center Bamako is an office and facility within the U.S. Embassy’s Public Affairs Section.

The American Center runs weekly cultural and educational programs on a variety of topics, such as:

  • Democracy and governance;
  • Human rights;
  • Women’s and Girls’ Empowerment;
  • Education;
  • Climate Change and Environmental Studies;
  • Entrepreneurship;
  • English language instruction and learning;
  • How to study in the United States;
  • Health;
  • Media and information technology;
  • U.S. society and values.

Services provided at the American Center include internet resources, library and data base access for research, over 1,000 books, English DVDs and books and CDs for TOEFL and SAT test preparation.

All the services at the American Center are free to members.

Public Affairs Staff are available to answer questions about activities at the American Center:

The American Center does not answer questions regarding consular matters.  For consular assistance, please consult the Visas and U.S. Citizens Services pages on our website.