U.S. Embassy Bamako

U.S. and Mali Bilateral Relations : Friendship between Citizens and Governments

Mali has long been an important ally to the United States, an alliance that has grown over the years into a strong friendship between governments and people.  Mali has distinguished itself within Africa and the Muslim world as a country committed to democratic progress, economic development, human rights, and tolerance.  These values mirror those of the American people and provide a deep foundation for partnership throughout all levels of our two societies.

Color drawing of building and grounds.
The U.S. Embassy Compound in Bamako, Mali

Relations between our governments have never been stronger — a fact exemplified by new levels of development assistance in the area of health and education, our robust military and security cooperation, the 2006 signature of a Millennium Challenge Compact, the establishment of a new and modern Embassy complex, increasing cultural and educational exchange programs, a vibrant Peace Corps presence in country, and the daily achievements accomplished by Malians and Americans who work hand in hand and side by side.