Sections & Offices

The Embassy of the United States of America in Bamako

The American Embassy in Bamako is composed of various government departments that work together to strengthen political, economic, and cultural relations between Mali and the United States. Below, you will find short descriptions of each department.

For more information about how an embassy functions, visit Inside a U.S. Embassy, a primer on American Diplomacy.

Department of State

The Consular Section provides the full range of American citizen services as well as non-immigrant visa processing.

The Management Section is responsible for staffing, equipping, and supporting the Embassy as a whole. Activities of the Management Section include personnel, building maintenance, fiscal management, transportation, information systems and communications for the 300-plus employees of the Mission.

The Political and Economic section is responsible for the full range of post’s political, economic, and commercial affairs, preparing reports and supporting US policy goals in the areas of counter-terrorism, democratization, trafficking in persons, environment, science and technology, and organized labor.  The section promotes US commercial programs on behalf of the Department of Commerce.

The Political Section manages post’s political portfolios, which include counter-terrorism, human rights, democratization, elections, and party politics.

The Economic and Commercial Section manages post’s economic portfolios, including agriculture, tourism, mining and industrial development, and civil aviation.  The section works to promote US commercial efforts in Mali, and also administers the Ambassador’s Special Self Help Fund.

– Self Help Fund Application Form (PDF -115KB)

Key Economic & Commercial Links

Known as the American Cultural Center, the Public Affairs Section explains and advocates U.S. foreign policy, American culture, and society while promoting dialogue between the U.S. and Mali through a variety of educational exchange programs, media relations, cultural activities, and English language training support.

The Press Office:

Disseminates and explains U.S. foreign policy. Provides information and assistance to Malian media sources and handles all media inquiries concerning official U.S. government policy. Official texts, transcripts, and statements about U.S. foreign policy via the daily Washington File , electronic journals , and press releases are available to local media. The Press Office also organizes press conferences and interviews with U.S. officials and academics, both in person and via American Embassy Television and Digital Video Conferences.

The Cultural and Exchange Office

Manages a variety of educational exchange programs and cultural activities that promote professional, academic, and cultural relations between Mali and the United States. It also works closely with Malian institutions in organizing workshops, lectures, and presentations by U.S. academics, specialists, writers, and artists.

The American Center Bamako (ACB)

 As a research and reference center of the U.S. Embassy, ACB provides Malians with up-to-date information on American Politics, news and opinions, government, society, history, and culture. The ACB is open to the public and hosts a circulating reference collection of books, magazines, and periodicals in English and French. ACB also provides high-speed internet connectivity and word processing software and offers research Assistance with access to e-journals and librarian support.Trained ACB information specialists are available to help you find the information you need in the most effective way possible. Queries are accepted by telephone, e-mail, or in person during working hours.

The Regional Security Office is responsible for all embassy security programs and conducts liaison activities with Malian law enforcement and security agencies.

The United States Defense Attache Office (USDAO) performs representational functions on the behalf of the Secretary of Defense, the Secretaries of the Military Services, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Chiefs of the US Military Services, and the Commander of the US Africa Command.

Senior Defense Official/Defense Attaché:

Phone: +223 2070 2300 ext. 2570

Operations Coordinator: 

Phone: +223 2070 2300 ext. 2572

Chief, Office of Security Cooperation:
Phone: +223 2070 2300 ext. 2585

Local Address:

American Embassy Bamako
Defense Attaché Office
Rue 243 Porte 297 ACI 2000
B.P. 34
Bamako, Mali