English Language Fellow Introduces National Teacher Organization to TEDTalks

As part of Mission Bamako’s efforts to enhance English teaching and improve the quality of education, the Public Affairs Section, in partner with Malian Association of Teachers of English ( MATE), hosted  a two-day symposium for English teachers from throughout the country.  The guest speaker at the conference as Dakar-based English Language Fellow Jenna Thompson,  who led many of the two days of events. Group activities highlighted the vast array of skills and experiences that the participants collectively possess and underscored experience-based learning that could be duplicated within the constraints of the local education system.  In addition to discussing outreach projects such as English festivals, debates, spelling bees, and annual awards dinners, she also used some of her favorite TED Talks to illustrate how compelling speakers and interesting topics could be used to stimulate conversation and highlight various learning tools.  The presentations worked within the limits that most teachers face vis-à-vis electricity, computer access and classroom sizes in Mali.