Implication of Malian Soldiers in Civilian Deaths

Press Statement

Heather Nauert
Department Spokesperson

Washington, DC

June 21, 2018

Implication of Malian Soldiers in Civilian Deaths

The United States expresses serious concern about the role of Malian military forces in the deaths of 25 people, as acknowledged by Defense Minister Tiena Coulibaly. We support Minister Coulibaly’s decision to immediately open an investigation. We call on the Government of Mali to ensure that the investigation into this and other serious allegations of human rights violations and abuses are conducted in a credible and transparent manner and result in accountability as appropriate. The United States remains deeply concerned by the deteriorating security situation in Mali and the Sahel region. We urge security forces and governments to take steps to ensure respect for human rights, the protection of civilians, and accountability to increase trust and counter violent extremism.