The U.S. Embassy’s SPEAR team receive special training in fight on terror

Team members conduct an emergency response rehearsal at a diplomatic residence in Bamako

The U.S. Embassy’s SPEAR team receive special training from members of Diplomatic Security’s Anti-terrorism Assistance (ATA) program instructor cadre.  The Special Program for Embassy Augmentation and Response (SPEAR) team is composed of Malian National Guard members who mission is to respond to critical incidents involving U.S. Mission facilities and personnel in Mali.  Subjects included: Instructor development, facilities protection considerations, weapons/tactics training and emergency response exercises.  Additionally, SPEAR team members delivered Tactical Medicine training to the National Guard’s force anti-terrorism (FORSAT) unit. In response to lessons learned in the June 18 Kangaba “Le Campement” terrorist attack, the training and a subsequent donation of emergency medical equipment will fill critical gaps for emergency response in Bamako.