Request for Expressions of Interest U.S. GOVERNMENT HOUSING – BAMAKO

July 30, 2018

Request for Expressions of Interest


The United States Government (“USG”) is evaluating opportunities to lease newly constructed housing in Bamako, Mali; Dakar, Senegal; and Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. The USG seeks information from entities who are capable of financing, building, and leasing multi-unit housing developments to the USG in one or more of the three cities. The USG seeks to identify parties who can deliver “turn-key” housing solutions, designed and built to international standards, for occupancy by USG staff. The USG will use responses to this request in evaluating whether to pursue a project in one or more of the cities. The USG will also use responses to inform decisions about the scope of potential projects. The USG also intends to conduct informational meetings with interested parties.

The USG currently leases housing for its staff in the three cities, and has identified a potential need for new housing. In particular, the USG seeks to occupy housing that meets rigorous standards for safety and security. The projects would contain approximately 25-50 residential units, and may include amenities such as a swimming pool. The project could consist of detached homes, townhouses, or apartments. The USG expects the design and construction to be of the highest quality. The successful offeror will provide the land, funding, design, construction, and management oversight for the development and maintainance of the project.

If the USG proceeds with a project, a conditional lease agreement may be negotiated and executed between the USG and one or more entities. The agreement would provide for design and construction of the project by the entity, according to USG-approved criteria. The USG would make recurring rent payments during the term of the lease, which term would begin following completion of construction and USG acceptance of the project. The USG would not make any payments prior to the start of the lease term. An option for the USG to purchase the completed project would also be included in the lease agreement.

The USG intends to have representatives in the region to meet with interested parties in late August 2018, at locations and specific dates to be determined. The purpose of these meetings would be to obtain information about the capabilities of such parties to meet potential USG housing needs.

This notice is not a solicitation for offers. The USG reserves the right to pursue housing leases through a subsequent solicitation or through other means at any or all locations identified in this notice. The USG also reserves the right to modify the scope of the initiative at any time, and to cancel the initiative and not proceed with new leases at any or all locations. A party responding to this notice is solely responsible for any costs of doing do. In no circumstance will the USG be responsible for such costs.

Responses to this notice should include the following:

1)      Identify the company or team that would finance,

develop, build, and manage the project. Describe the technical and managerial qualifications of the entity, and principal staff to be assigned to the project. Describe successfully completed projects of similar size, scope, quality, and location. Include lists of completed projects, photos, website references, client references, or similar background material.

2) If the entity is capable of implementing projects in more than one location, identify the cities where the entity is interested in implementing projects.

3) Where possible, identify parcels of land that are owned or controlled by the entity and available for development. Land parcels should be located in the preferred neighborhoods for diplomatic residents (high-end areas), and should be sized according to the program needs described above. State the parcel size, and include aerial photos or plot plans, and title and ownership information. Identify the preferred housing type (such as detached homes, townhouses, or apartments) and the number of units that could be accommodated on the parcel. Describe any approvals already received or needed from municipal authorities.

4) Describe the anticipated timeline and steps necessary to design and build the project.

5) Describe the entity’s approach to funding the project, and outline the entity’s ability to directly fund or obtain financing for the project. Describe the entity’s anticipated financial terms such as profit margins or rates of return on investments.

6) Provide contact information for the project lead and any administrative staff, and state availability for meetings in late August 2018.

Send responses to this notice via email to:

Responses in English language are strongly preferred but not mandatory.

Please provide responses no later than 5:00 P.M. Greenwich Mean Time, on August 10, 2018. Parties who are interested in conducting an in-person meeting with USG representatives at the identified location/s are encouraged to provide an initial response as soon as possible in order to coordinate such meetings.