The Governments Of The United States Of America And Mali Sign Protocols For Amending Grant Agreements Worth $58 Million.

On February 24, 2014, Malian Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Zahabi Ould Sidi Mohamed, U.S. Ambassador to Mali Mary Beth Leonard, and USAID/Mali Mission Director Gary Juste signed three protocols for amending grant agreements between the Governments of Mali and the United States of America. The signing ceremony took place at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The signing of these protocols allows the United States of America to increase its financial support of programs in Mali by more than $58 million in three strategic areas of development: health, education and economic growth.
In her remarks, Ambassador Leonard noted that the event marked “an important step in the resumption of full cooperation between the United States and Mali,” reaffirming “more than ever, the commitment of the American people and their government to their brothers and sisters in Mali to fight against insecurity and against poverty, and to ensure the well -being of citizens in Mali and the Sahel.”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation said that the signing of the amendments “will further strengthen the strong bonds of fruitful cooperation between our two countries.”

Details of the three sectors benefiting from an increase in budgets:

An additional $31,733,258 is being dedicated to this sector to provide high-impact services for strengthening healthcare delivery systems, the fight against malaria and HIV / AIDS, and health of mothers and children.


This program sector will receive an additional $21,497,239 to allow greater access to quality education.
Economic Growth
An additional $4,857,290 will supplement programs to increase rural incomes, food security and adaptation to climate change.