The United States of America Promotes Social Cohesion through $2.5 million in Grants through the New Partnerships Initiative (NPI)

 USAID has signed two-year grant agreements worth a combined $2.5 million (FCFA 1.38 billion) with local organizations in Mali through the New Partnerships Initiative (NPI). The new USAID Mali partners are Association Subaahi Gumo (ASG); Institut Malien de Recherche Action pour la Paix (IMRAP); and World Education (WEI), an international organization working with local partner Aide à l’Enfant du Désert et du Sahel (AEDS). These new awards enhance the capacity of Malian organizations to respond to grievances among communities, resolve conflict, and promote reconciliation. The three grantees will work to build social cohesion and trust between communities and with local government institutions. ASG is focused on the Region of Timbuktu, cercle of Diré. IMRAP is working in the cercles of Djenné and Mopti, and in Gao, Ménaka, Ansongo, and Bourem. Finally, WEI and AEDS are working with communities in Gao, Ménaka, and Kidal. USAIDs New Partnerships Initiative (NPI) taps the ingenuity and knowledge of organizations like these that are deeply connected to the people and the communities they serve. The American people support targeted, small-scale NPI projects to complement our larger regional and national humanitarian and development activities in health, agriculture, education, and good governance.