U.S. Air War College Students advance U.S.-Mali cooperation in Visiting ORTM

On Wednesday 05 2014, U.S. Air War College students and three escorts accompanied by the DCM visited Mali National broadcaster ORTM. The delegation was split into two groups. One group got to see the two ORTM radio stations including studios, recording booths and radio archives while the other toured the two TV stations (ORTM and TM2). During their visit, they learned about the operation of the radio and TV, the programming as well as the challenges ORTM is facing such as transition from analogue to digital. Meeting with ORTM Director General Sissoko, the students said that the goal of their visit is to “understand the context in which ORTM works, given the importance of information in the restoration of democracy.” The DCM noted that the visit was “an example of increasing commitment between the U.S. and Mali which results from the restoration of constitutional democracy in Mali”.