U.S. Embassy Bamako’s visit to Islamic Institute Kola in Bamako

21 February 2019 — The U.S. Embassy Public Affairs team visited Islamic institute Kola in Bamako, where they met with teachers including Imam Salif Gaba and elementary school students aged 6-12.   The school located in Kabala neighborhood provides Arabic language instruction to 415 schoolchildren aged 6-16 in first through ninth grade.  The Embassy donated 46 framed posters Arabic language featuring Muslim life in the U.S. and NASA Space Exploration to exhibit in the school’s classrooms and hallways.

During the donation ceremony, Public Affairs Associate Sena Lee spoke to the students and teachers in Arabic about diversity and American Muslim communities across the United States, emphasizing the importance of education and the pioneering spirit.  The Principal of the school Imam Salif Gaba expressed profound gratitude to the U.S. Embassy for the posters that feature large graphics of life in the United States and space exploration on Mars with Arabic captions.

After the donation ceremony, the delegation visited a classroom and met with students aged 6-12 encouraging them to dream big, stay in school and to be enthusiastic to make their dreams become true.

This outreach activity at Institute Kola and many other U.S. Embassy Public Affairs programs focus on building relationships with students, civil society and everyday people in Mali.  With experienced and motivated American and Malian staff, the Public Affairs Section builds public understanding and support in Mali for America’s goals in the Sahel and around the world.

The Public Affairs Section also conducts educational exchange programs in the United States, where Malians attend institutions of higher learning, meet experts, authors, artists, educators, and interact with their peers.