U.S. Embassy Upholds the Spirit of Ramadan

U.S. Embassy Uphold the Spirit of Ramadan

 No: 2023 – 03 EN     

Bamako, Mali, March 21, 2023

In the spirit of community and solidarity during the Holy Month of Ramadan, U.S. Ambassador Rachna Korhonen visited two women’s associations as her first official events as Ambassador. The visits gave her the opportunity to meet with civil society organizations that provide vital services to underserved populations.

The Association for the Reinforcement of the Capacities of People with Disabilities (ARCAPH) and the Association of Widows and Disinherited Children of Sabalibougou (AFVED) are two Malian female-run associations striving to empower and improve their members’ living conditions through income-generating activities.

The visits offered the Ambassador the opportunity to express solidarity with the Muslim community and convey the United States’ desire for dialogue, peace, and mutual understanding between the two countries. It also served as opportunity to hail the associations for their efforts to ensure autonomy for their members.

The Ambassador also met with the High Islamic Council of Mali (HCI) and the National Union of Muslim Women (UNAFEM) to share her Ramadan well-wishes with the greater Muslim community in Mali.