USA Support Cattle Fattening Project in Mopti

The United States Embassy signed a $20,000 grant agreement with the Réseau des Jeunes Patriots Pour le Development de Mopti (RJPDM-MALI) to support its cow fattening project in the region of Mopti.  The project will improve the living conditions of 500 repatriated and returning refugee youth that are members of the  RJPDM-MALI association in Sévare, Mopti. The State Department’s office for Population, Refugees, and Migration is funding the grant.  RJPDM-MALI will  purchase and fatten 120 cows.  The profits from the sale of the cows will be used to facilitate reintegration of young refugees. Additional benefits will include better nutrition and job creation for youth and women in the region of Mopti. The project will also support increased cattle trade between Mopti and neighboring countries.