Case Status

Check the Status of Your Application

If you would like to check the status of your U.S. visa application, please visit the CEAC Visa Status Check website.

After the Interview

Administrative Processing
Some applications require additional administrative processing.  Administrative processing can take several weeks, so all applicants are encouraged to apply well in advance of travel plans.  For more information about administrative processing, please consult the Department of State’s Administrative Processing Information website.

Visa Denials

There are many reasons why a nonimmigrant visa application may be denied.  If denied a visa, the applicant is given a reason based on the section of U.S. law which applies.  For more information on visa ineligibilities and visa denials, please visit the Department of State’s Visa Denials website.  If you decide to reapply, you are required to submit a new online DS-160 application and submit a new payment of the visa application processing fee.