The Interview

Schedule an Interview Appointment

Once you have completed the above steps, schedule your interview appointment online. You must submit your completed DS-160 online application form before scheduling your interview appointment.

Each applicant must schedule only one appointment. Duplicate appointments will be deleted from the system. Applicants must use their own e-mail address and phone number when they schedule an appointment so that they can be contacted in case of schedule changes. Applicants with false e-mail addresses, or who use collective e-mail addresses, will have their appointments deleted from the schedule. Please note that because they did not provide valid contact information, they will not be notified that their appointments were deleted from the schedule. They will not be able to enter the Embassy for an interview on the deleted appointment date and will be asked to reschedule with their own contact information.

If there are no appointments available, please try back another time. Individuals may only request an expedited visa appointment for urgent, legitimate reasons. Expedited appointment requests for the convenience of a traveler will not be approved.

Expedited or Special Interview Appointment: If you would like to request an expedited appointment for an interview (for emergency medical treatment or family death/illness, for example), or if you require a special interview (such as a group interview), please send an email explaining your circumstances to